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“Rabbit Test” Podcast Movie Review


Joan Rivers and Billy Crystal in Rabbit Test

Rabbit Test – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 108

“Next to you, the moon walk was doo-doo.”

This week, Gladys Knight & the Poops super-fans Daniel and Corky labor over Joan Rivers’ catastrophically unfunny Rabbit Test. Ostensibly about the world’s first pregnant man, Rabbit Test is a grim comedy death jog through lazy ethnic humor and vulgar non-jokes that were already tired in 1978. The film doesn’t even bother to mine its own high-concept premise for laughs.

Elsewhere, Daniel and Corky discuss Louis Pasteur references, Paul Lynde impressions, dead rabbits and sister shtupers.


This week’s movie-themed cocktail: POTUS (1.5 oz. Flor de Cana white rum; 0.5 oz. Dolin Blanc vermouth; 0.25 oz. Dolin Dry vermouth; 0.5 oz. Cointreau; 1/2 tsp. simple syrup; 2 dashes Angostura orange bitters; stir with ice and strain into a glass with no ice; orange peel garnish)

U.S. theatrical debut: Feb. 17, 1978

This week’s darer: Johnny Flores

Johnny’s dare: “Just seconds after I discovered this movie and read the synopsis, I said out loud, ‘Oh, shit! I have to dare Corky and Daniel to watch this movie!’ Billy Crystal, making his film debut, stars as a young man who becomes pregnant after losing his virginity. Joan Rivers directed, co-wrote and partially self-funded the movie. I know in my heart that this movie is uncut, pure Dare Daniel-ness.”

IMDB synopsis: “Lionel’s life turns around after a one-night stand on top of a pinball table…he becomes the world’s first pregnant man.”

This week’s referenced movies: Fathers’ DayRunawayThe GodfatherThe Wedding PlannerJuniorThe Wild Bunch; The KillingTrue Grit (1969); Mikey and NickyA Slightly Pregnant ManAirplane!The BellboyMr. Saturday NightCity SlickersRushmoreDeadly AttractionThe Gods Must Be CrazySpookiesKentucky Fried MovieKirk Cameron’s Saving ChristmasRevolutionDude Bro Party Massacre IIIMemento

Ratings: Daniel – Double Dare; Corky – Dare


Original trailer for Rabbit Test

Rabbit Test TV spots

Dr. Paul Lynde

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