The New Mutants Demon Bear

“The New Mutants” Podcast Movie Review

The New Mutants – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 87 “Within all of us, there are at least two bores. One of those bores is this movie.” Daniel and Corky put away their old mutants in anticipation of reviewing Josh Boone’s franchise non-starter, The New Mutants. A movie that […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Arnold Stang in Hercules in New York

“Hercules in New York” Podcast Movie Review

Hercules in New York – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 86 “Hercules schmercules!” Daniel and Corky descend from  Olympus to review the fish-out-of-water monkeyshines of Arthur Allan Seidelman’s Hercules in New York. A movie seemingly devoid of second takes, this debut film for 22-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger (née Strong) is a […]

Runaway (1984)

“Runaway” (1984) Podcast Movie Review

Runaway (1984) – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 85 “Now kiss your ass goodbye!” Daniel and Corky don their electro-magnetic scatter-suits to review Tom Selleck as a robot-hating cop in Michael Crichton’s Runaway. A cliched cop movie with the tiniest sliver of a sci-fi twist, Runaway barrages you with wooden […]

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