John Travolta in The Poison Rose

“The Poison Rose” Podcast Movie Review

The Poison Rose – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 101 “What manner of sorcery is this?” Disgraced ex-football stars Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell reluctantly return to Galveston to review John Travolta in The Poison Rose. An onslaught of private detective cliches crudely formed into a movie-like shape, The Poison […]

Lily Tomlin and John Travolta in Moment by Moment

“Moment by Moment” Podcast Movie Review

Moment by Moment – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 100 “I was counting every single moment until this movie ended.” Daniel and Corky celebrate Episode #100 by welcoming producer/podcast doula Johnny Flores back to the podcast to review Moment by Moment. This dreary drag of a drippy romance stars Lily Tomlin […]


“Skullduggery” Podcast Movie Review

Skullduggery – Scare Daniel Podcast Episode 99 “Wanna watch me suck a Greyhound bus through a straw?” Trottelville Junior College talent show rejects Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell invoke the Spirit of Evil to review Skullduggery. Pointless beyond comprehension, Skullduggery concerns a malicious game within a game within […]

Dude Bro Party Massacre III

“Dude Bro Party Massacre III” Podcast Movie Review

Dude Bro Party Massacre III – Scare Daniel Podcast Episode 98 “Donato go there!” East Chico alumni Daniel and Corky enter the beef box to review the slasher satire Dude Bro Party Massacre III. It’s disjointed, overloaded, and often forced and obvious, with a high volume of jokes […]

Elizabeth Roberts and Rik Swartzwelder in Old Fashioned.

“Old Fashioned” Podcast Movie Review

Old Fashioned – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 97 “We’re floating round and round and upside down/Searching for the things our parents found.” Small-town shock jock Daniel Barnes and song parodist Corky McDonnell slog through the torturous theory-mongering of Rik Swaltzwelder’s Old Fashioned. Director-writer-producer Swartzwelder stars as Clay, an intensely unlikeable, […]

Costas Mandylor and Bruce Willis in Cosmic Sin

“Cosmic Sin” Podcast Movie Review

Cosmic Sin – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 96 “Being sucked off by the universe doesn’t sound so bad.” Net-positive Corky McDonnell and net-negative Daniel Barnes commit a cosmic sin by reviewing Bruce Willis in Cosmic Sin. This brain-dead space opera stars Willis as a fading star who refuses […]