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Film Podcast – Dare Daniel Episode 37 – “Assassins”

Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 37 – Assassins “We got nada, zilch, zip, zero, dry hump.” On this jasmine perfume-obsessed episode of the Dare Daniel podcast, quirky-ass hosts Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell review the quirky-ass hitmen of Richard Donner’s 1995 snoozer Assassins. A hilariously pretentious attempt at an […]

Film Podcast – Dare Daniel Episode 33 – “Ishtar”

Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 33 – Ishtar “Telling the truth can be dangerous business/Honest and popular don’t go hand in hand” Dare Daniel takes on another “bad movie” legend in this week’s episode.  The inept and self-unaware podcasting duo of Daniel Barnes and  Corky McDonnell review Elaine May’s Ishtar, […]

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