Dare Daniel Podcast Mini-Episode 32.5

“You had me at Keith David, you lost me at David Keith.”

Get your tease pajamas on for this one!  Notorious teases Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell are in a mood to tantalize and titillate in this week’s Dare Daniel Podcast mini-episode, as the hosts preview Elaine May’s legendary box office bomb Ishtar, starring Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty as inept songwriters bumbling through the Middle East.  Daniel and Corky also take a look back at their previous review of Heart Condition, which they both agree is “a real piece of shit,” despite the presence of two great actors in the lead roles.  For the Question of the Week, the hosts forgo their usual negativity to spotlight their all-time favorite directors, while also reading listener responses to our Best Fight Scenes QOTW from Mini-Episode 30.5.  Elsewhere, the hosts discuss stairwell fights, ethnically ambiguous bad guys, longtime “fan of the show” Mutt Williams and positive portrayals of sanitation workers, while also reading a few of your movie dares.

Question of the Week: Who are your top 5 directors (w/ their best film)?

Daniel’s picks: Charlie Chaplin (City Lights); Vincente Minnelli (The Bad and the Beautiful); Howard Hawks (To Have and Have Not); John Ford (The Searchers); Yasujiro Ozu (Tokyo Story)

Corky’s picks: Billy Wilder (Sunset Blvd.); Wes Anderson (Rushmore); Steven Spielberg (Schindler’s List); Joel and Ethan Coen (Fargo); Alfred Hitchcock (Rear Window)

New Dares: Book of Love (Ben Rice); Men at Work (The Sanitation Workers of America); sequels (Mutt Williams)

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