“Shining Through” Podcast Movie Review

Melanie Griffith and Michael Douglas in Shining Through

Shining Through (1992; David Seltzer) – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 8

“I want you to taste my strudel!”

Open wide, film fans.

Joely Richardson Fan Club President Corky McDonnell and raw dove aficionado Daniel Barnes polish off their Melanie Griffith impressions to review her Razzie-winning performance in David Seltzer’s 1992 snoozer Shining Through.

In this life-draining WWII romance most notable for its compounding idiocy, Griffith stars as a spunky secretary-turned-spy who falls for a sexually aggressive superior played by (who else) Michael Douglas.

Daniel and Corky take issue with the heroine’s unpredictable cooking skills, the unbelievable stupidity of Nazi Liam Neeson and the unusual importance of strudel.

This week’s beer: Revision Brewing’s Whole Lotta Ruckus NE-style DIPA (8% ABV)

This week’s referenced movies: Working GirlBasic InstinctLucasPunchlineMy GiantThe SnowmanAlohaAirplane!The Mortal StormWindtalkersBody DoubleRadio DaysCasablancaThe Fighting 69thRoad HouseMarathon ManMr. MajestykThe Princess BrideNobody’s FoolSomething WildBrightKing Arthur: Legend of the SwordThe Circle

Ratings for Shining ThroughDaniel – Double Dare; Corky – Double Dare

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