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Film Podcast – Dare Daniel Mini-Episode 18.5

Martin Short in The Big Picture

Leeeeeeeet’s get reeeeeeeady to watch a sad, lazy, coprophiliac sports comedy starring a couple of bottom-feeding Hollywood legacy actors!

Subdued wrestler Corky McDonnell and capital Ganz tax advocate Daniel Barnes strap on some Spandex to prepare for their review of Brian Robbins’ terribly unfunny Ready to Rumble, starring David Arquette and Scott Caan as psychotic wrestling fans determined to redeem their fallen hero.  If you adore poop and tolerate wrestling, this is still probably not the film for you.

Speaking of poop, the hosts also look back at their previous review of Clifford, and after getting so annoyed by Martin Short in that film, they show the former SCTV/SNL-er some love by picking their favorite Martin Short movie scenes.

Elsewhere, after ordering the gaucho steak and sending an almond torte to Corky’s table, Daniel confuses Vinnie Jones with Colin Firth and reads a few of your movie dares.

Dare Daniel Question of the Week: What is your favorite Martin Short movie scene?

Corky and Daniel’s pick: The lunch meeting in The Big Picture

New Dares: Heart Condition (Gav from Films on Trial); Fever Pitch (Darcey Self)


Martin Short in Three Amigos!: “Dorothy Gish.  It’s a true story.”

Martin Short in Inherent Vice: “It’s not groovy to be insane.”

Short in Innerspace: “I’m possessed!”

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