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“Johnny Mnemonic” Podcast Movie Review

Johnny Mnemonic

Johnny Mnemonic – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 82

“Get that piece of garbage out of here.”

LoTek interns Daniel and Corky clear out their brains to properly review Keanu Reeves in Johnny Mnemonic. Reeves leads an international cast of tax breaks in this chintzy cyberpunk thriller inexplicably directed by artist Robert Longo.

Elsewhere, Daniel and Corky discuss “special rooms,” Dr. Henry Rollins, laser whips and electro-wires.


36.15 Code Pere Noel (David Paul)

Phat Girlz (Rose)


Daniel’s craft spirit: California Distilled Spirits’ Distillery Direct Whiskey

Corky’s craft beer: Oak Park Brewing Co’s Black Is Beautiful (8.0% ABV)

U.S. theatrical release date: May 26, 1995

Domestic box office: $19 million (production budget: $26 million)

Critic scores: 12 on Rotten Tomatoes; 33 on Metacritic

This week’s darer: Brad from The Cinema Guys podcast

Why did Anonymous dare Daniel and Corky to watch Johnny Mnemonic? “This is not a good movie but…I love it! This is Keanu in his 90’s prime of Woah! I remember seeing this film in the theater in 1995 and I was the only one of our group that walked out enjoying this so bad it’s good cyberpunk film. Highly recommend watching this Keanu classic, which by the way also has a great soundtrack. Enjoy!”

IMDB synopsis: “A data courier, literally carrying a data package inside his head, must deliver it before he dies from the burden or is killed by the Yakuza.”

This week’s referenced movies: CocktailThe Jesus RollsThink BigHome AloneThe Lawnmower ManBlade Runner; the Star Wars movies; Disclosure; the Matrix movies; Leprechaun in the HoodThe Warrior and the SorceressStarship TroopersTerminator 2

Ratings: Daniel – Double Dare; Corky – Dare


Original theatrical trailer for Johnny Mnemonic

Johnny’s breakdown

Dolph vs. dolphin

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