Capricious Summer 1968

“Capricious Summer” Movie Review by Daniel Barnes

Capricious Summer (1968; Jiri Menzel) GRADE: B By Daniel Barnes For some reason, I watched Capricious Summer thinking it was the predecessor to writer-director-actor Jiri Menzel’s more polished Closely Watched Trains. Instead, this bawdy and cluttered but raggedly beautiful comedy was Menzel’s follow-up to Closely Watched Trains, which […]

“Test” Movie Review by Mike Dub

Test (2014; Chris Mason Johnson) GRADE: C+ By Mike Dub Chris Mason Johnson’s new drama about gay life, Test, takes place in 1985 but contains a decidedly 21st-century sensibility.  Absent from Johnson’s somewhat lightweight nostalgia piece, which examines life during the height of the AIDS epidemic, are any of […]

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