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“The Monuments Men” Podcast Movie Review

Bill Murray and Bob Balaban in The Monuments MenThe Monuments Men (2014; George Clooney) – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 26

“This movie is proselytizing in the most shallow and empty way–it’s a movie of other movies.”

Hosts Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell wade into the moral cesspool known as Hollywood for their review of George Clooney’s pious, pretentious and vapid WWII art history lecture The Monuments Men.

Once again turning a powerful real-life story into a wacky genre picture a la Suburbicon, Clooney speeches and preaches nonstop throughout The Monuments Men (art = good; Nazis = bad), turning off even hardcore Clooney fanboy Corky.

Daniel and Corky navigate through the complete chaos of the story to discuss Michelangelo’s MacGuffin and Child, celebrate a very Balaban Christmas, and dream about sharing a bagel with old Sid Melman.


U.S. theatrical release date: February 7, 2014

Critic scores: 31 on Rotten Tomatoes; 52 on Metacritic

Box office performance: $78 million domestic gross (production budget: $70 million)

This week’s craft beer: Almanac Beer Co.’s Forbidden Lager (5.5% ABV)

This week’s Darer: Seth Katz

Why did Seth dare Daniel and Corky to watch The Monuments Men?  “It’s rare for a cast this good to be wasted so badly. Clooney’s track record as a director was, if not highly esteemed, was at least solid until this turd.”

IMDB synopsis: “An unlikely World War II platoon is tasked to rescue art masterpieces from Nazi thieves and return them to their owners.”

This week’s referenced movies: SuburbiconAlohaOcean’s 11Weird ScienceReturn of the Jedi; the Bourne films; Shining ThroughFifty Shades of GreyLittle Shop of HorrorsInglourious Basterds; the Indiana Jones films; Saving Private RyanThe Train

Ratings for The Monuments Men: Daniel – Double Dare; Corky – Double Dare


Original theatrical trailer for The Monuments Men

“John Wayne”

Shooting blanks

Bill Paxton transforms in Weird Science

The True Story of the Monuments Men

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