Film Podcast – Dare Daniel Episode 15 – “Revolution”

“This is the medical tent of the Revolutionary War: This movie’s chopped to pieces, it’s ugly, it will make you scream, you’ll want to look away several times and you might catch sepsis.”

Redcoat haters and rope factory co-workers Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell get forcibly conscripted to review Hugh Hudson’s 1985 box office bomb Revolution, starring Al Pacino as an 18th-century Scottish-American hunter-trapper who just wants to sell his “fuhs up da rivah,” and co-starring Nastassja Kinski as Daisy the Manic Pixie Dream Coquette.   Resisting the urge to dump the film into Boston Harbor, Daniel gives props to Pacino’s Rambo hair, Corky professes his love for powdered-wig lechery and both hosts wish that the film was a Blaxploitation movie starring Pam Grier and Bernie Casey.

This week’s craft beer: New Glory Brewing’s DDH Galactic Worms IPA (7.2% ABV)

This week’s Darer: Corky McDonnell

Why did Corky dare himself to watch this movie?  “This is a movie I’ve been wanting to watch for 30 years.  I can remember seeing Gene Shalit on The Today Show slamming this movie.  I remember seeing this get panned, and I knew that meant something.”

This week’s referenced movies: Chariots of FireGreystoke: The Legend of TarzanSweet LibertyScarfaceDog Day AfternoonCan’t Stop the MusicPredatorCollateral BeautyCoffyShining ThroughJames and the Giant PeachRob RoyEyes Wide ShutBilly BuddSaving Private RyanThe Basketball DiariesAlohaThelma & Louise; the Rambo movies; The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersAmerican SniperMr. Smith Goes to WashingtonThe GodfatherGoodfellasSmokin’ Aces

Ratings for Revolution: Daniel – Double Dare; Corky – Dare

Related clips:

*Original theatrical trailer

*The big battle scene

*Donald Sutherland and the little drummer boy

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