Film Podcast – Dare Daniel Mini-Episode 28.5

Love, Actually“Nobody likes you, sugarplums!”

On this holly jolly mini-episode, your secret Santas Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell preview their Christmas Day review of A Christmas Story 2, the 2012 straight-to-VOD sequel that literally no one wanted.  This cinematic clinker is available to rent on all the usual VOD services.  Make plans to ignore your family and spend this holiday with the Dare Daniel podcast.

Elsewhere in the episode, Daniel and Corky offer final thoughts on Cutthroat Island, a film about pirate booty that stank like pirate ass, before sending it down to Davy Jones’ locker.

Finally, Daniel talks about the winners of this year’s San Francisco Film Critics Circle awards. However, Corky can’t stop praising runner-up Richard E. Grant.

New Dares: Open Water (SqueakyHA); The Conqueror (David Paul); Love, Actually (Heather Smith); The Fan (Bill Wolfram)


Original trailer for A Christmas Story 2

Dancing Prime Minister from Love, Actually

Firearms on the field in The Last Boy Scout

The Naked Gun baseball

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