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“Battlefield Earth” Podcast Movie Review

Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth (2000; Roger Christian) – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 53

“Holy amazing shit, John Travolta.”

Travolt-ember just keeps on Travolt-embering on the Dare Daniel podcast.  This week, man-animal rights activist Daniel Barnes and arrogant greener Corky Goodboy McDonnell finally get leverage over you with their review of Battlefield Earth.

John Travolta overacts for the ages as dreadlocked dandy-fop Terl, “the wickedest nine-foot alien you’ve ever seen in your life.”  Winner of three Worst Picture Razzies somehow, Battlefield Earth is easily the ugliest and sloppiest film ever released on over 3,300 screens.

Bearing the marks of a movie made to defraud a German production company, Battlefield Earth overdoses on Dutch angles and slow-motion shots.   Meanwhile, the film fails to follow basic cinematic guidelines about screen direction and matching eye-lines.  However, the film still makes us “as happy as a baby Psychlo on a straight diet of kerbango.”  Whatever the hell that means.

Elsewhere, Daniel and Corky discuss learning machines, corporate crapheads, ironic punishments, intergalactic bankers, Fred Dibnah references and gastro-extermination sequences.


The Time Traveler’s Wife (Coreen Lemcke)

Death to Smoochy (Ben Rice)


U.S. theatrical release date: May 12, 2000

Domestic box office: $21.5 million (production budget: $75 million)

Critic scores: 3 on Rotten Tomatoes; 9 on Metacritic

This week’s craft beer: Revision Brewing‘s Planetary Fog NE-style DIPA (7.5% ABV)

This week’s darer: Michael Bagamery

Why did Michael dare Daniel and Corky to watch Battlefield EarthBattlefield Earth has been a bumper crop for nearly every bad-movie fan out there.  Can you find some more unscathed parts of its body’s flesh?  Can you torture it even more uniquely?”

IMDB synopsis: “It’s the year 3000 A.D.; the Earth is lost to the alien race of Psychlos. Humanity is enslaved by these gold-thirsty tyrants, whom are unaware that their ‘man-animals’ are about to ignite the rebellion of a lifetime.”

This week’s referenced movies: The Butcher’s WifeWarcraftNational TreasurePulp FictionGet ShortyMichaelPhenomenonStar Wars: Episode I – The Phantom MenaceThe Butterfly EffectThe Art of WarThe Whole Nine YardsBest Worst MovieMoment by MomentStaying AliveThe Treasure of the Sierra MadreCloud AtlasRevolutionthe Fifty Shades of Grey franchiseL4yer CakeUltravioletBlade RunnerKirk Cameron’s Saving ChristmasTwo Moon Junction; Spartacus; various King Kong movies; The Dirty DozenBill and Ted’s Excellent AdventureRaiders of the Lost ArkThe FanaticThe Warrior and the Sorceress

Ratings for Battlefield Earth: Daniel – Reverse Dare; Corky – Reverse Dare


Original theatrical trailer for Battlefield Earth

Psychlo laugh supercut

“Have you blown a head gasket?”

Every “true true” in Cloud Atlas

Blade Runner glass crash scene

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