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Film Podcast – Scare Daniel Mini-Episode 22.5

Once Bitten Jim Carrey Lauren Hutton

Continuing their month-long Scare Daniel series, Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell kick off this fun-sized mini-episode with a preview of the horror-comedy Transylmania, the film so unfunny that even National Lampoon wouldn’t put their name on it.

Boasting a historic discrepancy between critical reviews and audience reviews, Transylmania is emblematic of our country’s increasing divide between ivory-tower eggheads and the unwashed hoi polloi.  This schism should only widen when the episode comes out on Tuesday.  The hosts also revisit their previous review, trying and failing to find the paradox (or is it pair-of-dicks?) in The Cloverfield Paradox.

Since Transylmania failed to tickle their funny bones, Daniel and Corky pick their all-time favorite horror-comedies, which leads a discussion about misogynist investment bankers and side-boob.

Elsewhere,  Corky compares Evil Dead to Fifty Shades of Grey, Daniel dances around the word “wormhole,” and the hosts read a few of your movie dares.

Scare Daniel Question of the Week: What is your favorite horror-comedy?

Corky’s pick: Once Bitten

Daniel’s pick: American Psycho

New Dares:

Freddy Got Fingered (Adam Varona); Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Mutt Williams)


“Hip to Be Square” murder from American Psycho

Once Bitten dance-off

Original theatrical trailer for Transylmania

Abby Normal’s brain from Young Frankenstein

Mutt and the monkeys

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