Dare Daniel Podcast Mini-Episode 27.5

“It’s turkey time…gobble gobble.”

In this week’s muscular mini-episode, Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell preview next week’s review of Renny Harlin’s Cutthroat Island, a pirate movie more rancid than an expired bucket of Long John Silver’s coleslaw.  After briefly revisiting their review of the hate-filled action comedy Collision Course, the hosts clear out the end-of-year clutter by reading an unprecedented number of listener Dares.  Defying orders from Starfleet Command, the hosts discuss Pauly Shore, In Cold Blood, disgraced Oscar winners and Dorf on Golf.

This week’s craft beer: Moksa Brewing‘s Cape of Good Hops DIPA (8.2% ABV)

New Dares: Biodome (The Weasel); The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (David Paul); Split Second (Nick Coleman); Tiptoes (Dan Scott); Gigli (Jackie Longoria); Movie 43 (Gav from Films on Trial podcast); Jeff Gaffney (craft beer); Star Trek: Into Darkness (Starfleet Command)

Related Clips and Clippings:

*Original theatrical trailer for Cutthroat Island

*Biosphere sketch from Mr. Show

*“It’s turkey time” from Gigli

*Monroe Stahr “making pictures” from The Last Tycoon

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