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“Beyond the Seventh Door” Podcast Movie Review

Beyond the Seventh Door

Beyond the Seventh Door – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 72

“The holes, Wendy! Tell me about the holes!”

Schmeed-fluencers Daniel Barnes and Corky McDonnell don their Winnepeg tuxedos to review the baffling Canux-ploitation classic, Beyond the Seventh Door. Largely set in a hallway, Beyond the Seventh Door concerns an ex-con and his ex-girlfriend hunting for “the hidden treasures of Lord Breston.” However, the real torture comes from watching two complete nitwits try to solve non-puzzles for 78 minutes.

Elsewhere, Daniel and Corky discuss lace headbands, burglar tool belts, and Lazar Rockwood-related drinking games.


The Forgotten (Mr. Positivity Wolfie T)

365 Days (Jesse Davis)


Daniel’s craft beer: Urban Roots Brewery & Smokehouse and Allagash’s Virtual Connection Belgian Pale Ale (4.5% ABV)

This week’s darer: Erica Shultz

Why did Erica dare Daniel and Corky to watch Beyond the Seventh Door“I come across some…interesting movies on Amazon Prime when I’m making my picks for episodes. I very nearly picked this one recently, but didn’t, and ended up watching it that night on my own accord. And holy shit. So many questions. What if Tommy Wisseau was cast in Cube? Did Richard Ramirez take a trip to Canada before his capture to shoot this movie? Is the director, Bozidar Benedikt, an alien? Because that would explain a lot. Am I having fun watching this movie? Absolutely, but I’m also very confused.”

IMDB synopsis: “After meeting up with his ex-lover Wendy, an ex-convict and thief named Boris gets persuaded to do one more heist. He is supposed to help Wendy rob her paraplegic, bourgeois, millionaire boss Lord Breston, which she has been working for as a housemaid. But things turn out to be much more complicated than expected in this exciting horror thriller with a twist ending.”

This week’s referenced movies: The VelociPastor; the Austin Powers movies; NorbitThe Gold Diggers of 1937The Flamingo KidRain ManCollateral BeautyFat CityForbidden Zone; Dangerous MenOne from the HeartBrooklyn NightsThe Graveyard Story; the Saw movies; Aloha; the Indiana Jones movies; the Robert Langdon movies; The Most Dangerous Game

Ratings: Daniel – Dare; Corky – Double Dare


Beyond the Seventh Door trailer

“I don’t like it at all!”

Idiots solving “puzzles”

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