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“Grunt! The Wrestling Movie” Podcast Review

Grunt! The Wrestling Movie

Grunt! The Wrestling Movie – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 117

“You can tell he didn’t cut his own promos.”

Mad Dog Is Mask Fan Club founding members Daniel and Corky take a beating from the 1985 mockumentary Grunt! The Wrestling Movie. After an amusing first five minutes, the film quickly becomes a chore. It’s driven by a mystery no one in their right mind could possibly care about and padded to feature length with endless wrestling sequences and an extended Wally George cameo.

Elsewhere, Daniel and Corky discuss arm transplants, smart marks and fake wrestler fan club rankings.


U.S. release: 1985

This week’s darer: Mr. Positivity Wolfie T

Why did Mr. Positivity dare Daniel and Corky to watch Grunt! The Wrestling Movie? “A low-budget, mid-80s mockumentary that highlights the wackiness of pro wrestling. The opening sequence is amazing. After that, it gets a little uneven but it’s a lot of fun. There are a lot of great cameos by real wrestlers, and the movie manages to satirize the sport without being insulting.”

IMDB synopsis: “A documentary crew sets out to unravel one of professional wrestling’s most closely guarded secrets: is former champion “Mad Dog” Joe DeCurso now wrestling as The Mask?”

This week’s referenced movies: NorbitBig Money HustlasBurn Hollywood BurnThe Magnificent AmbersonsTake the Money and RunWho Framed Roger Rabbit?Raging BullBest in ShowBiker BoyzAssassinsRisky Business…And God Created Woman (1988); MinionsRocky VReady to RumbleThe Karate KidThink Big

Ratings: Daniel – Dare; Corky – Dare


Trailer for Grunt! The Wrestling Movie

Wally George meets The Mask

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