Dare Daniel Podcast – All Dares Episode 3

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Dare Daniel Podcast – All Dares Episode 3

On this very special Dare Daniel podcast episode, Daniel and Corky read a bumper crop of bad movie dares. The hosts also prepare for their upcoming 100th episode by recounting their most (and least) popular reviews.


This week’s Dares: Black Easter (Gunnar Pearson); Ryan’s Babe (Gunnar Pearson); Seventh Son (Colin Williams); Three Musketeers (2011) (Marco Carbodi); Grunt! the Wrestling Movie (Mr. Positivity Wolfie T); Sex and Death 101 (Julio from The Contrarians); Dude Bro Party Massacre III (Ryan L. Terry); Fateful Findings (Gunnar Pearson); Dancin’: It’s On! (Gunnar Pearson); Whore (Jaina Sinclair); Let There Be Light (Ben Parker); Old Fashioned (Rachael Legg)

Other referenced movies: GhostbustersSpeed; Speed 2: Cruise ControlThe Last ManGod’s Not Dead 2Angels & DemonsInfernoLove ActuallyUltravioletFifty Shades trilogyDeadly AttractionThe Basketball DiariesAssassin 33 A.D.BabeThe RoomBeyond the Seventh DoorBattlefield: EarthAssassins (1995); Kirk Cameron’s Saving ChristmasCutthroat IslandThe Musketeer (2001); Phantom ThreadKing Arthur: Legend of the SwordBig Money HustlasNorbitSilent Night, Deadly Night Part 2Christmas with the KranksVampire AcademyHeathersBatman ReturnsHudson HawkLoqueeshaSpookiesElvira Mistress of the DarkThe Beautician and the BeastGigliSlumber Party MassacreCool as Ice; Love on a LeashDangerous MenBattlefield: EarthThe RingStreet FighterThe FanaticGod’s Not DeadThe Monuments MenRevolutionHolidateHoliday EngagementCollision CourseWarcraftGrudge MatchCan’t Stop the MusicRawhead RexTransylmaniaChina SalesmanFever PitchMac and MeThe Invisible BoyPhoenix the WarriorDestination WeddingWest Side StoryBlack Widow (2021)

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